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August 11 at 1:30pm ·

5 Stars! I can not recommend this service enough. A nightmare situation was turned into breeze by this guys expertise.

I had three incredible stubborn locking nuts that 4 garages in my area refused to touch. I had already attempted to remove one by drilling it out. I was successful but it took two men 6 hours and the destruction of an expensive drill to complete. I found this gentleman by accident and after my experience found it hard to believe it could be done so quick. I'd barely parked on his driveway before he had the two locking nuts in his hand! Needless to say I felt rather stupid.

Polite and swift service that's impossible to find these days. Don't think, just give him a call.

May 14 at 8:30pm ·

Called at 1pm and booked in for 4pm on the same Sunday, was a lifesaver helped with all 4 wheel nuts and even replaced them with new ones for less than BMW would've charged me for 1 wheel, such a genuinely nice person too, thank you for the work done!

May 19 at 1:33pm ·

After a week of messing around at so called different specialist, spending hours watching my car speculated about how to remove the locks THIS man spent 6minutes....!
He was dealing with another customer when I got there, I was given a nice cuppa but he finished before I could finish a 1/3 of the cup.!!!!
The utmost joy was felt as to that point I was told there was no hope. A true HERO.....

December 21, 2016 ·

This man is an absolute LEGEND!!!
After my locking wheel nut sheared off, I went to a dozen different garages all of who claimed they could help or "give it a go" but none could.

I had suggestions of welding it, chiselling it, twatting it with a hammer, even using a blow torch ... and then I found this man.

When I arrived I was invited into their home as a guest & offered a cup of tea. I was barely half way through my cuppa when he emerged through the door with my locking nut in hand!

No mess, no fuss, no time at all.

Don't waste your time with garages who think they can "give it a go". This is the man to see.



Try changing a flat tyre without getting the locking wheel nuts off.

Try doing it while your family sits on the grass verge at the side of the motorway.

Don't wait to get your locking wheel nuts removed.


Vauxhall Astra


The owner of this Astra tried a locking wheel nut removal tool.


The wheel nut was so destroyed that no key would ever get it off.



Half an hour later.


We still got it out.


Volvo - #1


Another damaged wheel nut and another customer that conventional approaches couldn't help.


We don't damage wheels.


We just get the wheel nuts out.


Volvo - #2


What kind of mess is this then! Even the wheel is damaged.


Still we removed it without any further damage.


Mercedes-Benz AMG


If garages offered wheel nut destruction services, they'd be doing a great job.


No damage, no wheel nut.


No problem.




This crime against beautiful cars still didn't get the nut off.


We did.




The old "hammer a socket on it" trick from youtube. It took over an hour to get it out.

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